UPDATE: Patches are now avaliable for Niagara 3.5u3, 3.5u4, 3.6u2, 3.6u3, 3.6u4, 3.7R and 3.7u1
Posted by Bobby Palmer (Import) on 17 June 2014 04:16 PM
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WbApplet Fails to Load After Java 7 Update 25



Tech Tip: wbapplet Fails to Load After Oracle JRE 1.7.0_u25 Update


UPDATE: Patches are now avaliable for Niagara 3.5u3, 3.5u4, 3.6u2, 3.6u3, 3.6u4, 3.7R and 3.7u1

Date:             Jun 28, 2013
Product:       NiagaraAX Web UI
Revision:      All Niagara Ax Releases


Oracle has just released Java 7 Update 25 which appears to cause the Niagara web applet to fail. This issue may affect your customers who accept the default automatic Java upgrade. When attempting to connect to a Niagara station through a web browser using a Wb WebProfile, the web browser hangs when attempting to start the Java applet, as shown in the figure below.


Example issue where wbapplet never loads


Updated versions of wbapplet.jar, baja.jar, fox.jar and web.jar have been created that function properly with Java 1.7.0_25. Users will need to update the wbapplet.jar file on their Niagara stations for versions 3.6 and earlier along with baja.jar and fox.jar. In Niagara 3.7, wbapplet.jar is embedded in the web module which can be updated along with baja.jar and fox.jar using the "Software Manager". Updated files will be available as part of upcoming Niagara 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 maintenance builds, as well as downloadable archive below.


Please make sure you have the latest versions of modules for the base release prior to installing the attached patches. Earlier security patches can be found at
Table 1.1 Update vs Niagara versions
Update Codes
Niagara Version
3.5.39 with security patches
3.6.47 with security patches

Download and install wbapplet.jar for all 3.5 and 3.6 stations or web.jar for 3.7 stations. Update baja.jar and fox.jar for all stations. The download is a password protected archive, password=niagara. Follow the instructions below for the version installed. Remember to clear cache on the client workstation after updating!


Archive password = niagara

Supervisor Installation - Revisions 3.5 and 3.6

  1. Stop any running stations and exit workbench.
  2. The wbapplet.jar is stored within the <niagaraHome>/lib folder, found in the root of the Niagara installation instance (example: C:\Niagara\Niagara-3.6.406). Simply copy the new wbapplet.jar over the existing file using Windows Explorer. Since this is a .jar file, the natural inclination would be to put this in the modules folder, but that is not where the file belongs.
  3. Using Windows Explorer copy baja.jar and fox.jar to <niagaraHome>/modules overwriting existing.
  4. Restart workbench and the Niagara station.

JACE Installation Using Workbench - Revisions 3.5 and 3.6

The wbapplet.jar file is stored within your Niagara installation's "lib" folder on 3.6 and earlier Niagara installations. Since this is a .jar file, the natural inclination would be to put this in the modules folder, but that is not where the file belongs. Updating this file will require a platform connection to the JACE. Follow the steps below to update the wbapplet.jar file, these steps will need to be repeated for each JACE accessed remotely using a browser and the workbench Java applet.

  1. Open a platform connection to the JACE.
  2. Access the 'File Transfer Client' platform view.
  3. In the left window, locate the newly downloaded WbApplet.jar file on your local machine.
  4. Select the /niagara/lib folder in the JACE's file system.
  5. Select the local wbapplet.jar file and transfer it by clicking the right arrow button to copy to the JACE. Click yes to replace the existing file.
  6. Access the "Software Manager" platform view.
  7. Select baja and fox modules.
  8. Click the Update button at the bottom of the screen and then the Commit button. The station will need to restart as a result of this process.

Supervisor Installation - Revision 3.7

  1. Stop any running stations and exit workbench.
  2. Copy baja.jar, fox.jar and web.jar to <niagaraHome>/modules folder using Windows Explorer overwriting existing.
  3. Restart Workbench and the Niagara Station.

JACE Installation Using Workbench - Revision 3.7

  1. Copy baja.jar, fox.jar and web.jar to <niagaraHome>/modules folder on your workstation machine using Windows Explorer.
  2. Restart workbench (if same installation as above Supervisor workstation, omit).
  3. Open a platform connection to the JACE to be updated.
  4. Using the "Software Manager" platform view, select baja.jar, fox.jar and web.jar.
  5. Select the Update button and then the Commit button to install just as any other module update.
  6. The JACE will restart as a normal part of this process.

Clear the various caches associated with the browser.

1. Clear the browser's cache. Clear the temporary internet files, cookies and history.

Each browser is cleared differently. Use the browser's help for information on clearing its cache.

2. Delete all the files in the "wbapplet" cache (Note: <user dir> is the Windows user):

<user dir>\niagara\wbapplet\modules

3. Delete everything in the "Secondary Applet" cache (Note: <user dir> is the Windows user):

Windows 7: <user dir>\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache
Windows XP: <user dir>\Application data\sun\java\deployment\cache

4. Restart the browser (this also clears the session cookies).

5. Log in.


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