Use of "Period" in the User Name in 3.7.106 Version Preventing Browser Log in (also affects Pericsope)
Posted by Bill Rambo on 28 October 2015 10:19 AM

There have been a few reported incidents with the 3.7.106 versions that the use of a "period" on the username is causing sign on failures to browsers.  While not affecting the sign on to workbench, it has shown up on the browser log in.  Examples of this issue would be if the username was as or username.1.

Due this this issue, it was found to also affect Periscope browser log on also.

There was not any sort of announcement about this issue, but is a known issue with 3.7.106 which has been fixed already.

The attached file (password, vykon, protected zip file) which contains the version of the web module.


 alxperiscope.jar (1.60 MB)