Ensuring the network has access to the nessary domain for the "online" Periscope JAR file.
Posted by Jason Townsend on 14 May 2014 11:57 AM

You've installed all the necessary files for Periscope and are ready to begin setting up your dashboard in Periscope config.  You open a browser, enter the URL or IP for the server/periscopeconfig, enter your login credentials and nothing happens - only a blank screen.  A common cause for this issue is when your network is blocking access to the domain necessary for the online version of Periscope -  Without access, you won't be able load Periscope.  To test for access, use a computer on the network and hit the following link in a browser -  If the domain is blocked, you'll see an error message saying that you can't access the link.  If you see the Periscope logo in the middle of the screen, along with the Activelogix and Niagara logos in the bottom corners, that means the necessary access is in tact (see attached screenshot).

The server itself doesn't require access to the domain.  The network and any computer that wants to access Periscope needs access to the proper domain.

 2014-05-02_1344.png (64.52 KB)