How to copy a Periscope dashboard to another user.
Posted by Kim Melander on 01 December 2014 10:01 AM

Copying an Existing Dashboard for a New User.

There are a few ways to copy an existing user's dashboard to a new Periscope user:

  1. Using the "User Manager" in Periscope config.
  2. Using the Periscope user file folder in your Niagara AX station.

Option 1 - Using the "Copy Dashboard" Feature in Periscope Config.

  1. Login to Periscope config and select "User Manager" in the lower right hand corner of the "Locations" tab.
  2. Select "Add User" to add a new Periscope dashboard user.
  3. In the "Add User" field, the second option is "Duplicate Dashboard".  
  4. Check the "Duplicate Dashboard" box and select the appropriate user from the dropdown menu that you want to copy for your new user.  (NOTE - The "Template" option in the "Add User" field is used to copy an existing user's Niagara AX permissions, not their dashboard.)
  5. When the new user is created, they will login and their dashboard will look the same as the user who was copied.

Option 2 - Using the Periscope User File Folder in Your Niagara AX Station.

  1. Open your "files" on the station that Periscope is installed
  2. Navigate to "/Periscope/Users"
  3. Copy the folder that matches the user name you wish to duplicate
  4. Paste the folder and rename it to the new user name (must match an existing AX user)
  5. Open up the newly renamed folder
  6. Open the "pods.xml" file
  7. Search and Replace the old user name with the new user name.  (NOTE - When you paste the copied folder, you will overwrite that users dashboard.)