VYKON Video Changes and Updates
Posted by Bobby Palmer (Import) on 05 September 2011 09:31 PM
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VYKON Video Changes and Updates

Vykon and Dedicated Micros announce the following changes and enhancements to our video offering. These changes are effectively immediately.

Support for Third-Party IP Cameras

Dedicated Micros offers a full-featured line of IP cameras that interface easily with the Dedicated Micros SD Advanced and DV-IP RT DVRs, offering plug-and play setup for Closed IP solutions.  Dedicated Micros IP Cameras are an excellent product, offer an unparalleled warranty, and save installation labor.

For installations with existing third party IP cameras, or to meet specifications where third party cameras are required, the SD Advanced and DV-IP RT DVRs offered by Vykon support several third party IP camera brands. Cameras currently tested and supported by Dedicated Micros include, but are not limited to:

  • AXIS - All models (No function support for digital PTZ feature for 212 series or other "instant" digital PTZ cameras)
  • JVC - JVC VN-C20, JVC VN-C655, JVC VN C625
  • SONY SNC (All cameras recorded by generic entry in IP_Cams.ini file for Sony SNC) - 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generation cameras with ability to stream JPEG. Models tested: SNC-DM160, SNC-DM110, SNC-CM120, SNC-DS60, SNC-DS10, SNC-CS20, SNC-RX570N: 3rGen, SNC-RX550N: 3rd Gen, SNC-RX530N: 3rd Gen, SNC-RZ50N: 3rd Gen, SNC-RZ25N: 2nd Gen, SNC-DF50N: 3rd Gen, SNC-DF40N: 2nd Gen, SNC-DF85N: 3rd Gen, SNC-DF80N: 3rd Gen, SNC-DF70N: 2nd Gen, SNC-CS50N: 3rd Gen, SNC-CS11N: 2nd Gen, SNC-CS10N: 2nd Gen, SNC-P5: 2ndGen, SNC-P1: 2nd Gen, SNC-DM160, SNC-DM110,  SNC-CM120 , SNC-DS60, SNC-DS10, SNC-CS20
  • IQEye - 510, 702, 753, 755, 712D
  • Mobotix - M12, M22
  • Samsung - SNC-B5395N, SNC-B2315N
  • Panasonic - All Panasonic IP Cam. Models tested: WV-NW964, WV-NF302, WV-NS324, WV-NP244, WV-NS954, WV-NF284, WV-NP304, WV-NP472, WV-NS202A, WV-NW484S, WV-NP1004
  • Cannon - VB-C60
  • Toshiba - IK-WB21A

Note: If the camera you are interested in does not appear on this list, please contact us. Dedicated Micros is continuously expanding their list of supported IP cameras.

Third Party Camera Licenses are required to interface these cameras to the SD Advanced and DV-IP RT products. Please review parts/prices shown below.

Part #
List Price
SEC-LS-IPC-1 Third Party IP Camera license, 1 Ch $     218
SEC-LS-IPC-4 Third Party IP Camera license, 4 Ch $     872
SEC-LS-IPC-8 Third Party IP Camera license, 8 Ch $   1,744
SEC-LS-IPC-16 Third Party IP Camera license, 16 Ch $   3,488
SEC-LS-IPC-32 Third Party IP Camera license, 32 Ch $   6,976

CamVu Series Cameras

prod_cam_camvu_hyperdDid you know that the basic features of a DVR are available as part of the CamVu series cameras? 

Dedicated Micros unique ICR (Integrated Camera Recording) concept combines recording capability and a full enterprise video server within the camera. Achieving fail safe, decentralized recording and video management, ICR reduces the 24/7 dependency on high bandwidth network infrastructure and minimizes the associated maintenance costs.

They are a great stand-alone solution for applications where large amounts of stored video are not required, and also interface seamlessly with Dedicated Micros IP recording solutions.

Part #
List Price
SEC-CMVU-VDNN IP Vandal Dome camera with 3-9mm lens, Day/Night, 540TVL, 0.7 Lux (Color)/ 0.07 Lux (Mono)   1,797
SEC-CMVU-VHYPERN HyperD IP Vandal Dome , 1/3", 480TVL WDR, 1 lux, varifocal 3-9mm, AI, 12/24V, 122x160mm $   1,918

EcoSense NVRs - No Longer Available

Dedicated Micros has removed all EcoSense NVRs from their product offerings. These parts are no longer available and should be deleted.

Part #
List Price
SEC-CLIP-NVR-16 16 ch Closed IP Switch NVR 1TB   1,797
SEC-CLIPPOE-NVR-16 16 ch Closed IP POE Sw NVR 1TB $   1,918

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