Distech Controls: Technical Issue Notification
Posted by Bobby Palmer (Import) on 28 August 2013 02:40 PM

Distech Controls: Technical Issue Notification

EC-BOSAX CPU Usage Issue with EC-NetAX Support Pack and ECL Series Controllers

Technical Issue Notifications
Distech Controls wishes to advise you of the following technical issue, which may be affecting some of your installations. 

EC-BOSAX CPU Usage Issue with EC-NetAXSupport Pack and ECL Series Controllers

When using an EC-BOSAX with the EC-NetAX Support Pack v.3.4.13191, the mechanism used to read the values of an ECL Series controller through the LON network can cause high EC-BOSAX CPU usage.
Any EC-BOSAX with Support Pack v.3.4.13191 installed and ECL Series controllers connected is susceptible of encountering this issue. The EC-BOSAX will slow down and sometimes could reboot.
The following can be observed:
  • User will notice a general slowdown of their system
  • CPU usage frequently spikes to 100% (Right-Click Station > Views > Resource Manager)
  • CPU usage spikes to and remains at 100% (Right-Click Station > Views > Resource Manager)
The technical issue notification details are available here or on SmartSource. 
We are diligently working on resolving this issue, and a notice of availability of an updated EC-NetAX Support Pack on Distech Controls’ SmartInstaller will be issued as soon as possible. 

Please contact your Activelogix Technical Support at if you have any questions regarding this issue.

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