Firmware Update for Spyder BACnet
Posted by Bill Rambo on 29 August 2013 09:56 AM




Firmware Update for Spyder BACnet

Honeywell engineering has released an updated firmware version for Spyder BACnet controllers. 

The firmware update addresses the following issue:

Under certain conditions the Spyder BACnet controller may restart.  During this restart the outputs would cycle and the controller would appear to momentarily go offline. The most common symptom manifested as a floating actuator doing a re-sync after restart.


 A new version of the re-flash tool (v2.5) will be posted in the Spyder Tools section of the Forum, which includes the updated firmware image. If you have an immediate need for this fix, please contact WEBs Squad and they can provide instructions to install the needed image on the existing re-flash tool.



If you have any questions regarding this quality alert, please contact your local Honeywell sales representative.


View this bulletin as a PDF. 


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