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Updated EC-NetAX Support Pack Available on SmartInstaller

Technical Issue Notifications
Distech Controls wishes to advise you that an updated EC-NetAX Support Pack (v. 3.4.13241) is now available, addressing the below issues.

Resolved Issues:

  • When using an EC-BOSAX with the EC-NetAXSupport Pack v.3.4.13191, the mechanism used to read the values of an ECL Series controller through the LON network can cause high EC-BOSAX CPU usage.
  • Reboot caused by watchdog timeout: the EC-BOSAX sometimes reboots twice following Support Pack installation.
  • Launch wizard not available on ECB Device Objects: the Launch Wizard command is not present on a discovered BACnet object dropped in the EC-NetAX database under EC-NetAX 3.7.

Available on SmartInstaller:

EC-NetAX Support Pack v. 3.4.13241 resolves all above issues, and is available for download fromSmartInstaller.  
In addition, and to ensure optimal performance, Distech Controls recommends you use the latest releases of EC-NetAX (versions 3.5.406, 3.6.406 or 3.7.106) in combination with this Support Pack.

The Product Update Notice is also available on SmartSource.  

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