VYKON 3.8 is here!
Posted by Bobby Palmer (Import) on 17 January 2014 10:57 AM


VYKON 3.8 is here!

Greater mobile support, increased security and more!

VYKON announces the general availability of NiagaraAX 3.8.  This latest release of the NiagaraAX Framework provides improved efficiencies, greater flexibility, and enhanced security for both the system integrator and end user.   With this feature rich update, users can expect:

  • A richer mobile experience allowing End Users the same level of detail on their mobile devices as they would get from a desktop display
  • Time savings by re-using desktop graphics for mobile views
  • Optimizing views is easier for different display sizes with resizeable graphics capability
  • Enhanced framework security with stronger authentication and industry standard Active Directory integration
  • Simplified data analysis with more powerful data analysis tools that allow users to easily access relevant data and simplify tasks like month to month benchmarking, maximizing operational efficiency
  • Support for additional Operating Systems (OS) allowing customers to run Niagara on the contemporary platforms currently required for their business needs
  • Improved usability for localization with support for several Asian language character sets.  Localization Improvements allow greater penetration of Asian Markets by improving usability in their native languages,  decreasing system engineering time

VYKON NiagaraAX 3.8 is available for immediate download.

NiagaraAX 3.8 Release Features

Improved User Experience Drives Greater Efficiencies and Flexibility

Mobile technology has become a standard with all businesses today. With the release of NiagaraAX 3.8, mobile functionality has been greatly expanded to allow users to create complex mobile views by leveraging absolute positioning in the mobile pane, the ability to reuse existing Px pages as mobile views, and a new zoom feature that facilitates mobile design. 

In addition, with the release of NiagaraAX 3.8, the ability to design graphics that can be resized without impacting the quality of the image is now possible using the embedded Batik Java SVG toolkit.

Enhanced Framework Security

Stronger AuthenticationAs a result of our on-going commitment to arm the NiagaraAXFramework with powerful security features based on industry best practices, release 3.8 includes password strength configuration designed to provide users the ability to determine the parameters for each strength level of passwords based upon installation needs.1

Active Directory IntegrationNiagaraAX 3.8 incorporates the latest standard of LDAP integration (LDAPv3) which allows the benefits of LDAP single sign-on with additional security enhancements.  Users will now be able to use LDAPv3 with support for Kerberos Client Authentication, the industry standard that enables remote access without having to pass user password information over the network. 

Federal Ready – FIPS 140-2 and IEEE 802.1x Compliant

NiagaraAX 3.8 supports IEEE 802.1x functionality and provides a software option that will make the Niagara station FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant.  The FIPS option meets the requirements for any IP devices that will be deployed on a government IT network. FIPS compliance provides an additional layer of security by using a NIST-certified cryptographic module that is used for common IT security functions.

How to Order

Part Number



2013 List Price


FIPS 140-2 for AX Supervisors

Provides FIPS 140-2 Level 1 conformance for an AX Supervisor



FIPS 140-2 for JACE products

Provides FIPS 140-2 Level 1 conformance for JACE 3E, 6, 6E, and 7



Guest User Account

Enables the Guest User Account for NiagaraAX 3.8

NOTE: Enabling the Guest User decreases the security of the NiagaraAX System


The Guest Account has been disabled in all systems shipped (except Demo Stations) to strengthen out of the box security.  If an application requires the guest account, please contact your VYKON representative for additional information.

Improved Data Analysis

Users of NiagaraAX 3.8 now have greater flexibility to manipulate Niagara datasets, allowing for enhanced reporting and visualization by expanding the Series Transform feature with the new Filter Node and Time Shift Node. Users can more easily isolate useful data from histories and perform system benchmarking, such as month to month or year to year comparisons. 

Localization – Expanded Asian Language Support

NiagaraAX 3.8 provides enhanced Chinese, Japanese, and Korean character rendering and input methods.  Customers can now enter, view, and export in their native language, saving them time by making it easier to configure Niagara systems.

Expanded OS Support

NiagaraAX 3.8 users can now run  VYKON WorkplaceAX and VYKON AX Supervisor on the latest Microsoft Windows technologies, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.  Users of these technologies will now have smart screen icons for WorkplaceAX and/or AX Supervisor. End users can leverage the contemporary OS’s they have already deployed for their business needs without needing additional support for older versions to run NiagaraAX.

Additional information on these features and other documents are now available and can be accessed on Niagara Central at  This page includes links to:

Updated Technical Documents

  • NiagaraAX User Guide
  • NiagaraAX Mobile Guide
  • NiagaraAX SSL Connectivity Guide
  • Plus additional updated guides

Launch Documents

  • Release Notes
  • FAQs
  • Feature Overview
  • Test Summary     

If you have questions or would like to learn more about NiagaraAX 3.8, please contact your VYKON sales representative or sales support representative.


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